Test NCAA Facilities

Test NCAA Facilities

NCAA Facilities and Game Management Manual
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DescriptionThis guide offers information from NCAA playing rules and other sources that pertains to the planning and construction of sports facilities. Its purpose is to assist athletics administrators, coaches, facility managers, architects and builders, among others, who are involved in planning and preparing facilities for intercollegiate athletics competition. It primarily seeks to bring together into one accessible publication all references applicable to the preparation of facilities as they occur in NCAA playing rules books, as well as relevant provisions of official rules written by other organizations, but modified or adapted for use in selected NCAA sports. Price for membership is $17.50 and for non-membership $22.50.

NCAA Facilities and Game Management Manual: FAQ
1. Why is there a charge to the membership for the manual?
While most NCAA publications are provided to our membership for free, in this case, production, redesign, and updating costs in addition to the labor that was spent compiling all pertinent information into one document is significant. We recognize the importance of having all the information in one location to membership and have therefore provided the manual to membership at production cost. Additionally, all of the information in this manual is available separately – and for free – in each sport’s rules book or in the championships handbooks or other publications.

2. How will we be notified when the manual is updated?
The original purchaser will receive an email from notifying them of updates.

3. Can I send a check or use a purchase order?
No. NCAA Publications no longer accepts personal checks or purchase orders. Only credit cards are accepted.

4. Can I buy a printed copy of the manual?
No. The manual is only available in PDF format.

5. Can I use my institution’s P Card to purchase a manual?
Yes, however, most P Cards have a block on the MCC code which will prohibit you from purchasing the manual. To have this code lifted, see your business department. Once the code is lifted, you will be able to purchase the manual with the P Card.

6. Who may I contact if I have questions with my order?
The NCAA Publications number is 888/388-9748.

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