2016 Division III Official Notice

2016 Division III Official Notice

2016 Division III Official Notice
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This Official Notice contains a schedule of meetings and sessions that are a part of the 2016 Convention. [Please note: The schedule is subject to change. Please refer to your Convention Program for the most upto- date meeting sites and times.] This Official Notice also contains legislation for consideration at the business session of the 2016 Convention, including amendments-to-amendments. It also contains the necessary information concerning the accreditation of delegates, voting procedures and other Convention policies. We encourage each member to review the information related to the activities in which you will be involved before attending the Convention. It is particularly important that each delegate bring a copy of the Official Notice to the Convention. The Official Notice will be the only publication containing all Division III Convention legislation.

In addition to the consideration of legislation, delegates also may participate in educational and discussion sessions about topics of concern within the division.